About us

Syntax Sp. z o.o. is the exclusive representative of ACS in Poland. ACS is a leader in fare collection systems for public transport. Delivered the most modern and largest fare collection system in Central Europe functioning in Warsaw. ACS has a 30-year experience in this domain and has installed systems in more than 100 cities worldwide.


Syntax was responsible for all transmission installations in the depots, 19 metro stations equipped with over 340 access gates, 1900 buses and 460 trams. At present Syntax is responsible for the maintenance of all ASC equipments installed for the need of the Warsaw Public Transport Fare Collection System.


Syntax is also an exclusive representative of Calmell. Since 1970, The Calmell Group has been manufacturing all kinds of products for Access and Entrance Control. They specialize in manufacturing magnetic tickets, contactless cards and microprocessor cards. Their products have earned a reputation for being of the highest quality and reliability.

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